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Apr 1, 2024

- #Transgender visibility, hypnosis, and global supply chain disruptions. (0:03)
- US infrastructure and employee competence. (4:43)
- #AI models, climate change, and the impact of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. (9:15)
- US congressman says we should nuke #Russia and #Gaza
- LGBTQ+ and Satanism in America. (37:14)
- God's judgment and morality in society. (1:06:12)
- Mind-body connection and its impact on health. (1:25:21)
- Delusions and false beliefs among intelligent people. (1:27:44)
- #Persuasion techniques and their impact on beliefs. (1:32:24)
- Social conformity and #censorship in the digital age. (1:37:42)
- #Hypnosis and its power for self-improvement. (1:41:29)
- Hypnosis, personal growth, and breaking free from programming. (2:27:52)

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