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Jan 20, 2016

America's apparent first world status is nothing more than a mirage. If it wasn't for America's runaway debt spending and fiat currency printing via the Federal Reserve, nearly every city in the nation would be plunged into severe depression and outbreaks of social chaos.

Underneath the debt-ridden facade of America's cities lies a broken, decrepit infrastructure that's literally falling apart due to negligence and financial bankruptcy.

Thanks to leftist politicians who are by definition short-sighted, government money is being redirected away from crucial infrastructure projects in order to fund more government handouts to voters. Who needs bridges and water pipes to work when there's so much free money being given away via food stamps, unemployment benefits, health care subsidies and housing subsidies?

The great socialist utopia of America is Flint, Michigan, where city officials knowingly poison hundreds of thousands of children with toxic lead in the water supply. And why did they do that? Because it saved them money that they could use to fund more entitlement handouts to win more votes in the next election.

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