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Nov 8, 2022

0:00 Elections Day
15:20 Intriguing Things
18:50 Other News
39:11 Ohio Brett
53:15 Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo


- America has the opportunity today to choose a future of HOPE rather than FEAR
- We expect a massive turnout and a huge RED wave
- Americans are REJECTING the failed economic policies of the Dems
- When you can't afford to EAT, it gets your attention
- Biden and Dems continue to terrorize America with infrastructure takedowns
- Tyson Foods CFO falls asleep in woman's bed in the WRONG HOUSE
- 5G "kill grid" towers being erected all across NYC, close to bedrooms
- Why was Elon Musk supporting RNA "microfactories" as part of vaccine push?
- NY Gov. Hochul says it's a "conspiracy" to claim crime is getting worse
- Activision has ZERO American flags in Call of Duty, but 22 gay and LGBT flags
- Announcements about live coverage for Election Evening events

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