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Nov 22, 2022

0:00 Intro
3:17 Breaking News
35:17 WHO pandemic treaty
55:06 Dr. Francis Boyle


- WHO pandemic treaty would supersede all US law and the Constitution
- Would put European bureaucrats in charge of ALL U.S. public health decisions
- US citizens could be ordered to take vaccines, be locked down, or quarantined
- Treaty pushes Big Pharma drugs and vaccines but says NOTHING about nutrition or herbs
- Governments of the world are running the bioterrorism against their own citizens
- Dr. Francis Boyle warns of DoD-run bioweapons labs creating more pathogens
- Global depopulation is the goal
- "Vaccines" are also depopulation bioweapons, designed to maim and kill
- Dr. Boyle warns of "Nuremberg-level crimes against civilians"
- Gross violations of basic human rights
- Army vet stops mass shooting
- Where have all the workers gone?
- Germany warns citizens to stock up on food and water

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