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Nov 16, 2022

0:00 Intro
17:30 Trump
30:20 Gov. Greg Abbott
37:40 Poland
44:30 Crypto
49:20 Economic News
56:40 Elections
1:14:31 Ed Dowd


- US House of Representatives captured by Republicans
- We must PRESSURE GOP to lead multiple investigations
- Trump announces run for presidency
- Civil war in the GOP pits Trumpians vs. anti-Trumpers (RINOs)
- DeSantis seems increasingly surrounded by RINOs
- Kari Lake willing to FIGHT for honest elections, isn't surrendering
- Mitch McConnell took millions from FTX, then pulled ad money from Senate races
- How Google rigged the midterms by selectively encouarging Dems to "get out and vote"
- Texas Gov. Abbott declares INVASION, invokes anti-terrorism powers
- Poland claims missile strike, Zelensky tries to start World War III
- Crypto contagion spreads to BlockFi, Liquid and more to come
- Excess mortality hits 32% across general population, following covid "vaccine"
- That's over 2,400 people dying per DAY in USA, 900K Americans dead PER YEAR
- 63% drop in live births in Australia as vaccine infertility kicks in
- Biden demands another $37 BILLION for Ukraine - where is it all going?
- Food inflation: Heinz ketchup soars 53%
- Third rail union rejects agreement, nationwide rail strike looms
- 4-year-old boy, face of vaccine propaganda in Argentina, dies suddenly
- Reuters parrots depopulation pushers, warns 8 billion people is too many
- Interview with Ed Dowd

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