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Mar 20, 2023

0:00 Credit Suisse Crisis
32:40 Where to hide your gold
45:15 Trump

- The Credit Suisse BAIL IN wipes out $17 billion in bond value
- Swiss government liquidity adds BAIL OUT factor to UBS acquisition
- Global financial crisis began in crypto, moved to Silicon Valley and spread to Europe
- The entire western financial system is headed for catastrophe
- Janet Yellen says the government will CHOOSE which banks survive and which ones fail
- Only the WOKE banks will be bailed out in order to keep WOKE startups alive
- Most SVB startups were focused on WOKE topics like climate change
- All deposits and financial instruments have counter party risk
- Only things you physically control have no counter party risk:
- Gold, silver, land, food, ammo, etc.
- Where to hide your gold with certainty that no one will mess with it
- As the collapse accelerates, people will become even MORE desperate
- As the banks fail, chaos will prevail

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