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Jan 5, 2023

0:00 Intro
4:50 Big News
14:00 Announcements
19:20 France
21:10 New Zealand
30:00 Main Topic
59:42 Dr. Malcolm LeCompte


- While 2023 is the year of CONTRACTION for "stuff," it's also the year of EXPANSION of consciousness
- The people are realizing it's ALL theater: Currency, elections, vaccine "science," censorship and more
- Major French food company shutters 80% of production due to high energy prices
- How will Europe produce food if electricity costs make manufacturing impossible?
- Amazon lays off 18,000 workers as mass tech layoffs begin
- Sherri Tenpenny joining Brighteon.TV (Monday evenings)
- Insanely bad math skills across younger Americans
- 690 cars torched in France during New Year's chaos
- EcoHealth whistleblower says CIA ran gain-of-function intelligence operation for COVID
- It's raining microplastics in New Zealand
- Tiny microplastics are INHALED by those who live in cities, entering organ and brain cells
- Interview with Dr. Malcolm LeCompte on astrophysical / planetary science (Comet Research Group)
- The comet impact theory in detail, 12,800 years ago
- Meltglass, glass spherules, nanodiamonds, iridium platinum and impact elements
- Adams offers laboratory microscopy and mass spec analysis to comet research group
- The moon as an Earth defense launch base
- How to save Earth from cosmic impacts that can destroy cities or civilizations

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