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Jan 23, 2023

0:00 Intro
6:40 Diamond and Silk
11:55 Antifa Riots
12:53 Vaccines
15:25 Globalists
26:30 Binance
32:30 FHLB
36:23 Russia and Iran
40:27 John Perez
1:48:40 Global War


- Globalists make their financial move against crypto with SWIFT deplatforming
- Dollar-based on ramps and off ramps being DESTROYED to isolate crypto
- Federal government's HOME LOAN banks lent BILLIONS to crypto giants
- This means #crypto collapse contagion will spread to housing market
- Russia, Iran and China will roll out #gold backed STABLECOIN for international trade
- The days of dollar hegemony are rapidly coming to an end
- Deep state is moving against Biden to force him to resign
- Germany now says it will support Poland sending Leopard TANKS to Ukraine
- This will earn Berlin a direct strike from Russian missiles as WWIII commences
- Russia reportedly moving on southern Ukraine as new offensive set to begin
- Major offensive coming, perhaps just days away, that will spell DEFEAT of #Ukraine
- NATO has nearly run out of weapons to send to Kiev, and the USA is out of munitions
- Massive layoffs accelerate across tech sector
- Siemens chief calls for a billion people to EAT BUGS at WEF event
- Violent Atlanta "revenge riots" by Antifa are ignored by the media, or called "peaceful"
- WEF speaker predicts catastrophic cyber event - they will roll it out soon
- Emergency interview with John Perez, the "crypto Nostradamus"

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