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Jan 13, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:10 Headlines
14:10 Electric Cars
18:55 Illinois Gun Ban
26:20 Commercial Flights Crisis
36:30 Simcity
48:38 Randall Carlson


- Democrats are pushing civilization backwards by banning stoves, cars, gas, water and more
- America will be divided into two tiers: Democrat-run collapsed "Mad Max" vs. free, modern states
- More Americans will FLEE collapsing blue states as DE-CIVILIZATION accelerates
- Entire US air traffic system riding on a single broken computer at the FAA
- Why Pete Buttigieg should be called the Secretary of TRANS, not "-portation"
- There is ZERO REDUNDANCY at the FAA, systems can fail at any time
- Illinois sheriffs defy unconstitutional assault weapons ban
- Tesla pumping $775 million more into massive facility expansion in Austin
- Is Tesla actually building an underground tunnel transport hub? A future spaceport?
- Fascinating interview with Randall Carlson about Earth catastrophes

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