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Jan 10, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:25 Other News
6:27 Firearms
11:33 Germany
15:55 Land and Infrastructure
23:35 Finance
30:42 McDonalds
32:55 California
33:43 Europe
39:22 Asteroid Alert
42:17 Mars
45:50 Geology

- Huge layoffs have now begun across Big Tech, real estate and finance
- House GOP votes to repeal funding for 87,000 IRS agents
- Fifth Circuit court overturns bump stock ban in slap to ATF overreach
- Germany trying to ban civilians from owning semi-automatic firearms
- Homesteading advice on how deep to bury water, power and gas lines
- How to stop corrosion on battery terminals using sprayable lanolin
- Get spare filters and elements for your equipment before China halts exports
- Used car prices plummet the most on record
- 91% of cryptos have died since 2014, and Gemini is in real trouble
- California natural gas company warns of 100% price increase
- Swiss National Bank announces shocking $143 billion LOSS over currency bets
- A 230-foot asteroid will fly by Earth soon
- Scientists say Mars has opal gemstones, evidence of previous water and microbial life
- Russia mobilizing hundreds of thousands MORE soldiers to fight
- Details of the #Ukraine Bakhmut salt mines with 125 miles of underground tunnels
- Massive UNDERGROUND CITIES that house military equipment, people, ammunition and more
- Ancient Turkey also features underground cities to survive comet impacts and more

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