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Feb 9, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:40 Housekeeping News
4:05 New Studio
18:33 Bombshell News
47:03 China
57:42 Vaccines
1:04:40 Positive News


- Journalist Seymour Hersh documents whistleblower account of the DoD destroying #Nordstream
- US Navy divers planted explosives under cover of BALTOP 22 exercise
- Norway dropped sonar bouy that broadcast detonation command
- Act of WAR against not just Russia but against NATO allies, too
- The USA proves it is a terrorist nation that destroys civilian infrastructure
- U.S. willing to sacrifice EUROPE to try to damage Russia
- China tested hyperglide vehicles (HGVs) dropping from high altitude balloons
- HGVs can carry nuclear warheads or conventional explosives for precision strikes
- Biden proved the USA will do nothing to protect America's airspace
- Covid #vaccines found to increase death risk by 7% per year, per booster, EACH year (accumulative)
- 30 year old man taking 5 boosters will lose 24 years off his life expectancy
- Sea levels are stable around the world, no "rising oceans" crisis exists at all: NOAA data
- Data proves no correlation between CO2 emissions and sea levels - #climatechange is a HOAX

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