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Feb 1, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:00 Damar Hamlin
4:44 American Heart Association
22:50 Woke Hollywood
36:40 Most Dangerous Cities
43:33 Main Topic
1:15:15 Economic Headlines


- Damar Hamlin prostitutes himself out to the vaccine pushing American Heart Association
- The AHA is a Big Pharma front group that pushes statin drugs and vaccines
- #Hollywood libtards threaten to STOP making woke movies until everyone gets vaccinated
- Why Hollywood's movies suck: Filled with WOKE themes and scripted by idiots
- EAT MORE BUGS: Swedish grocery retailer pushes mealworms recipes
- US mobilizing to send THOUSANDS of tanks to Ukraine
- Escalation with Russia will lead to nuclear annihilation of the west
- Medvedev warns NATO countries they will be "turned to dust" if escalation continues
- NATO countries are YEARS behind the curve in industrial output necessary to fight a war
- US and UK forces will be out of ammunition in mere weeks
- Austria and Hungary declare NO weapons for #Ukraine
- US being left defenseless against China, no domestic defense remaining
- Americans making $100K are still living paycheck to paycheck
- Hedge fund manager warns of "mega tinderbox timebomb" crash coming
- Many of the most dangerous cities in the world are located in the USA
- US Treasury says no US funds were misused in Ukraine... seriously
- Colossal gold purchases by central banks, thousands of tons in 2022
- Giant space rock contains trillions of dollars worth of minerals (but so what?)

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