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Dec 19, 2022

0:00 Major Analysis
24:25 FTX
25:35 Big News from Europe
35:03 Vaccine Holocaust
37:30 Posthuman Future
56:57 Angela Albright


- Antifa group in Georgia arrested with BOMBS and weapons
- Intel chatter about Antifa groups targeting electrical infrastructure
- Luciferians hope to take out the lights on the Day of Christ (Christmas)
- Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck
- America is at the tipping point of chaos and desperation: Inflation, layoffs, etc.
- EU climate cultists reach agreement to force all citizens to pay for carbon emissions
- EU climate goal specifies a "carbon zero" deadline of 2050
- CARBON ZERO means zero human beings, since breathing releases carbon
- Under the climate cult, Western Europe is committing civilization SUICIDE
- Health Ranger predicted the #vaccine holocaust in the summer of 2019
- In 2019 speech, Health Ranger warned of "Oblivion Agenda" to exterminate humanity from the planet
- The planetary-scale ethnic cleansing operation has only accelerated since
- Vaccines, bioweapons, economic collapse, "carbon zero" all share same goal: Eliminating humans from Earth
- Why is Earth being prepared for a post-human future?
- Humanity is a FAILED species on a cosmic scale. Failed basic tests of logic, stewardship and sanity.
- The entire human race has been targeted for termination, and the effort will likely succeed

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