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Dec 16, 2022

- Elon Musk is nuking Twitter accounts of MSM journalists who engaged in DOXXING
- Suddenly the Left pretends to care about free speech
- Trump announces stupid NFT trading cards in latest clown show gaffe
- Car dealers begin offering DISCOUNTS as demand slows
- Why cotton linters are necessary for manufacturing munitions and missiles for WAR
- Baby dies of blood clots after hospital forces transfusion with vaccinated (toxic) blood
- Hospitals are now straight-up MURDERING babies with spike protein transfusions
- Cancer events from covid-19 vaccines are 1,433 times higher than from flu vaccines
- Vegetable prices skyrocketed 38% in ONE MONTH; up 80% for the year
- Huge winter storm about to strike much of the United States
- Large risk of power outages across many states and regions, warns NERC
- Practical tips from the Health Ranger on heating when the grid fails
- How to prepare for pipes to burst, switching to PEX for easy self-repair
- Storing water in anticipation of plumbing failures
- Backup communications solutions for when the cell towers fail
- No power means no gas station pumps, so no fuel to refill cell tower generators
- Best tool for emergency boost to start engines of cars, trucks, tractors


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