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Dec 27, 2023

- US economy, derivatives, and credit card changes. (0:00)
- US Navy obsolescence and global currency shifts. (4:49)
- Geopolitics, propaganda, and military threats. (13:47)
- Hezbollah's weapons stockpiling and potential conflict with Israel. (19:54)
- Immigration, invasion, and crime. (30:05)
- Self-defense and communication tools during chaos. (36:03)
- US economy's reliance on global supply chains and naval protection. (48:07)
- US military weaknesses and potential global conflict. (52:53)
- Neutron weapons and radioactive isotopes. (1:05:11)
- Radioactive fallout and military weapons testing. (1:08:55)
- US military invasion and weapons stockpiling. (1:12:49)
- Potential US infrastructure sabotage and destabilization. (1:22:07)
- Precious metals, bartering, and spiritual warfare. (1:27:01)
- DNA, artifacts, and AI. (1:33:30)
- AI, singularity, and transhumanism. (1:40:44)
- Survival and preparedness for impending global catastrophes. (1:51:49)

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