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Sep 25, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:45 Things that democrats don't see coming
1:03:20 The Padre Pio

- When the West LOSES the war in #Ukraine there will be enormous political implications
- RFK, Jr. is almost certain to leave the Dems and run third party, taking 25% of Dem voters with him
- #Trump now leads #Biden by 10 points in WashPost / ABC poll; Dems begin to panic
- Blacks, Hispanics are trending away from Dems and embracing Trump
- Accelerating #inflation, city CRIME, rising fuel costs and violence will all worsen the outlook for Dems
- Watch for desperate Dems to launch false flag event or start World War III to try to CANCEL elections
- Oct. 4 emergency broadcast will NOT unleash a zombie apocalypse; it will just be a test
- Canadian parliament CHEERS for actual World War II Waffen SS #Nazi who fought Russians
- Trudeau honors Nazi with standing ovation, proving Canadian government celebrates Nazis
- #Zelensky appoints "spirit cooking" satanist to be an official ambassador
- The West is on the wrong side of history, embracing Nazis, satanists, pedophiles and child mutilators
- The LGBT agenda pushed by the West is rooted in satanism, child exploitation and pure EVIL
- Special report: Catholic priest Padre Pio's End Times warning: THREE days of darkness
- Jesus told him to warn the world about God's wrath being unleashed with a giant meteor striking Earth
- Floods, fires and toxic fallout that buries people, and "men of science" will not be saved
- Prepare for 3 months of supply chains not functioning after the impact

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