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Jan 6, 2016

In this podcast, I cover the results of a clinical trial that revealed how a fascinating molecule from the licorice root herb known as "glycyrrhizin" has amazing liver protective properties that prevent liver damage when consuming alcohol.

My guess is that this also probably prevents liver damage from taking acetiminophen, the popular over-the-counter painkiller known as "Tylenol." Your doctor probably never told you that taking Tylenol when consuming alcohol causes PERMANENT liver damage, did he?

This astonishing molecule known as "NTX" (see blocks the liver from being damaged from alcohol consumption. It accompishes this by sharply boosting liver enzyme function and enhancing glutathione activity, which "clears" alcohol from the body.

Yet shockingly, the U.S. government has gone to great lengths to prevent you from learning about this health-protective solution. YES, there is a way to make drinking alcohol safer, but the federal government is maliciously suppressing knowledge of this solution!

Spread the word on this. EVERYBODY deserves to know about NTX, licorice root extract and the fact that alcohol could be safer to drink (if the feds weren't censoring it).

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