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Jan 30, 2017

Learn your history! Planned Parenthood was founded to eliminate blacks as part of a genocidal depopulation agenda. The democrats have been working to murder, exploit and oppress African-Americans ever since.

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Jan 27, 2017

The Health Ranger tells "snowflakes" what they really need to hear: You are NOT special by default. If you want to be special, stop thinking like an obedient conformist sheeple and start doing something unique with your life!

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Apr 14, 2016

* The collapse is getting close, and if we were really smart, we would have already quit the internet to focus on preparedness and survival.

* We're long past the point of being able to stop the coming financial collapse.

* A massive, systemic debt collapse is coming and cannot be stopped.

* We should all be focused on massive preparedness efforts. If you were rational, you would have already moved out of the city.

* Most people will be blindsided by the coming collapse. They have NO backup plan.

* Most people have no plan to exit the city when the collapse accelerates.

* Why fiat currencies always collapse.

* Why cities become "death zones" in a collapse.

* Local police will be overrun and unable to respond to your emergency. They all know they're badly outnumbered vs. the gangs.

* When it all hits the fan, don't be standing in front of the fan. (Relocate in advance.)

* After surviving the coming collapse, we must all help rebuilt a society founded in individual liberty and the prevention of totalitarianism.

* Why adaptation and "survival of the fittest" will apply in any catastrophic collapse.

* Humanity will always rebuild, but not everybody will survive to see it.

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Feb 23, 2016

Pete Santilli is a political prisoner of the Obama regime, a totalitarian system of oppression that now CRIMINALIZES speech that's critical of the federal government.

Pete Santilli was arrested by the FBI in Oregon because of his independent journalism reporting on the BLM land grab from ranchers. The FBI didn't like what Pete said, so they arrested him and charged him with multiple felony crimes.

Pete now faces SIX YEARS in federal prison for being a journalist!

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Jan 19, 2016

If you are plugged into broadcast media or the internet, your thoughts are not your own. You're being constantly bombarded by other people's ideas and narratives, and it doesn't take long before you think these ideas are your own.

The purpose of the media is to distract you from the true power you hold as a free conscious being with unlimited potential for creativity, innovation and discovery.

By force-feeding your brain false media narratives and endless internet distractions, the status quo institutions of the world (government, media, corporate giants, etc.) prevent you from connecting with your inner self (and your inner power).

Disconnect from the system for a few days and see what happens. 

Jan 18, 2016

In this powerful audio, Mike Adams reveals the ultimate secret for taking money from the rich: Get them to voluntarily exchange it with you for something you're offering of value!

Liberal leftists think that wealth must be confiscated at gunpoint and STOLEN from wealthy people in order to redistribute it to their voter base. But Adams explains why coercion is not the answer... real wealth, he says, comes from the wellspring of voluntary exchanges of goods, services and innovation.

If you want to take money from the rich, in other words, come up with something worth trading for it. Don't invoke a totalitarian government to put a gun to someone's head and take it from them by force!

Mike Adams, also known as the "Health Ranger", is one of the most successful internet publishers of all time, having launched numerous websites that promote ideas of liberty, innovation and economic freedom for all:  (podcast website)  (top health freedom site)  (online talk radio with 30+ hosts)  (news aggregation replacement for Google News)  (alternative search engine) 

and many more. 

Jan 14, 2016

In this podcast, the Health Ranger covers courageous celebrities and other notable people who have the backbone to tell the truth... even in an age of universal deceit.

Jan 13, 2016

This is an eye-opening interview with Jim Marrs about the hidden world around us, covering hidden history, hidden technology and much more.

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Jan 7, 2016

Although the leftist (state-run) media pretends they are reporting the facts on the Oregon armed protesters, the truth is that their narrative is almost entirely driven by RACE.

In this podcast, I examine how their stories would be wildly different if the protesters were:

* African-American

* Illegal aliens

* Muslim-Americans

* Asian-Americans

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Jan 6, 2016

Nearly all voters living today are more than 99% ignorant of human history, geopolitical history and all the events that led up to the present day. As a result, they are wildly unqualified to vote on decisions affecting the future course of human societies.

This is why the mistakes of history continue to be repeated: The blind (unaware) are pushing societies into the exact same mistakes that have already been made... mistakes like allowing totalitarian governments to dominate society or increasing debt spending to the point of financial collapse.

The real problem with today's voters -- especially the younger ones -- is that they THINK they know everything, but they're actually 99% ignorant and living on tiny slivers of false narratives that have been spoon-fed them by state-run media and agenda-driven university professors.

Jan 5, 2016

Nearly all the people the mainstream media celebrates as "heroes" turn out to be the most nefarious, dishonest, deviant people in real life.

The lesson in this is simple: All those who are promoted by the mainstream media are horrible people, while those who are relentlessly attacked by the media are usually upstanding, honest citizens who are trying to make a real difference in the world.

The media routinely vilifies truth-tellers and whistleblowers. The goal is to silence truth and intimidate those who might dare to speak it.

Meanwhile, sexual predators like Bill Clinton are served up as visionary leaders by an obedient, dumbed-down media run by social engineers and groupie leftists.

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Adams is a prolific internet publisher, and creator of and, a news headling aggregation system covering over 100 popular topics.

Jan 1, 2016

Line up and prepare for gunpoint medicine. That's what happens once the government has all the guns. (A firepower monopoly in the hands of the most corrupt...)

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Dec 31, 2015

You have to be incredibly stupid to operate as a "journalist" in the fake mainstream media.

You have to be even more stupid to watch their fake news and think it's real...


Dec 19, 2015

In the spirit of pointing out what's RIGHT with America, I offer this list of the top ten things I LOVE about America.

It's not exactly ten, by the way. It's sort of 8.5...

Nov 29, 2015

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: Five astonishing things the mainstream media isn't reporting (that everyone should know)

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Nov 28, 2015

ISIS attacks are coming to America

Nov 28, 2015

Paris attacks: The alternative media warned this would happen!

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