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May 17, 2017

The Health Ranger analyzes the North Korean military threat to America, taking a closer look at the risk of World War III.

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May 15, 2017

Mike Adams explains why Kim Jong-Un is NOT rational and is therefore an extreme danger to the United States because he possesses dozens of nuclear weapons.

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Apr 4, 2017

Here's why Millennials will totally freak out, freeze up and break down in the next catastrophic collapse.

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Mar 16, 2017

In this podcast, the Health Ranger warns that we should all probably get off the internet and focus on prepping and survival...

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Mar 7, 2017

The Health Ranger reveals how to survive all the unprepared morons who refused to prepare (but who accuse you of "hoarding" when they panic and need your stuff).

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Feb 17, 2017

In this extraordinary podcast, the Health Ranger explains why YOU ARE REMARKABLE!

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Feb 13, 2017

The Oroville dam in central California is on the verge of failing, and an emergency order issued by the Butte County Sheriff’s Department ordered an evacuation yesterday. The order affected at least 188,000 people, and when they all tried to evacuate at the same time, something happened that should alarm anyone living in a high population density area: The traffic jammed up the highways for hours, proving that people living below the dam’s massive wall — it’s the tallest dam in America — have no practical means of escape in an emergency.

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Jan 17, 2017

Beware of survival food marketing scams! Much of what you see advertised is nothing more than genetically modified empty calories enhanced with toxic chemicals.

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Jul 5, 2016

The Health Ranger has issued a warning for California citizens to watch out for an approaching catastrophe or event. Based on strong intuition, the Health Ranger shares this podcast for those living in California: Get out and leave while you can... 

Jan 21, 2016

Store shelves are being ransacked across the East Coast today as ignorant consumers stock up on disease-promoting processed foods to wait out the storm.

If you're an American, you can never quite have enough high fructose corn syrup, right?

Governors of two states have now declared a state of emergency because apparently modern society is so weak and fragile that WEATHER is now an emergency everywhere.

There are some huge lessons in all this; namely that the entire supply of food in America is paper thin and easily wiped out in 24 hours or less.

The second lesson is that you should make sure you're prepared in advance so that you're not stuck in the mad rush to acquire supplies when a storm is approaching.

The third lesson is that you will NOT have advanced warning for many unknowable events (such as an EMP attack), meaning your ability to resupply at that point is zilch. (Hence, supply yoursef in advance...)

By the way, I'm coming out with an impressive new certified organic storable food line in about 6 weeks. It's going to make many non-organic storable food products totally obsolete. Watch for that at and

Jan 21, 2016

Here's the good news: If you know anything at all about preparedness, you're already ahead of 99% of the population.

Most people are so wildly unprepared for the unexpected that they're practically begging to win the Darwin Award and be removed from the human gene pool.

Jan 14, 2016

Have you noticed that today's youth seem to possess no skills other than masturbation, texting and social media posting? The really skilled ones can do all three at once...

Seriously, when I grew up, we had the Boy Scouts, the track team, the math club, after-school hands-on science classes and many other opportunities to learn real-world skills. But today's mainstream public school kids don't even know how to grow their own food, start a camp fire or even build a sand castle on the beach.

They totally lack any skills in the real world because they're glued to their console gaming devices, mobile phones and snapchat. They're not even living in the real world!

Jan 12, 2016

Is survival and preparedness getting too complicated for you? Learn how to keep preparedness simple with these wise tips from the Health Ranger, creator of 

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Jan 8, 2016

If you're a prepper, you might think you're alone. But did you realize that the entire nation of America is just one event away from being a nation of preppers?

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Jan 7, 2016

In this podcast, I review Ted Koppel's impressive new book "Lights Out." It covers the risks associated with America's power grid vulnerabilities to cyber attacks launched by enemy nations.

In this book, Koppel reveals that the U.S. government is wildly unprepared and has no realistic plan in place to deal with such an event.

Jan 6, 2016

For years, the idea that hackers could take down a large, regional power grid has been only a theoretical threat to national security. But no more...

Now, it has been confirmed that malicious code installed by hackers took down a large, regional power grid in Ukraine, plunging 700,000 homes and businesses into darkness.

If this can happen in the Ukraine, it can probably also happen in the United States. Imagine a large city like New York having its power supply cut off... or imagine nearly 50 million Americans who depend on food stamps suddenly having no more access to free government money or electronic transactions to buy food.

Ted Koppel's recent book "Lights Out" examined precisely this scenario, and he concluded that the United States is woefully unprepared for any regional power grid failure. In fact, there isn't even enough food stored in the Northeast by FEMA to feed the population of New York a single meal!

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Jan 5, 2016

Have you ever met an anti-prepper? They're people who despise the very idea of prepping and actually pride themselves on being as non-prepared as possible.

It goes without saying that the next great global disaster will eliminate most of these people from the gene pool... Darwin Award style.

In this podcast, I examine the delusional psychology of anti-preppers and mock their total stupidity.

I'm the publisher behind,,, and

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Jan 3, 2016

Mike Adams delivers a powerful preparedness and survival seminar to help you make it through 2016 and beyond. In this audio, you'll learn the 15 most critical steps you need to take NOW to get prepared for the chaos that's coming.

Learn what you need to do to protect your home and property, diversify your financial assets, get out of the city before chaos ensues, grow some of your own food (and store what you can't grow), acquire physical reference books in case the power grid fails, identify people who will become a threat to your safety and much more.

Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," is a food research scientist, award-winning journalist, top internet publisher, inventor and patent holder of nutritional supplements that block radioactive elements found in food, the founder of (survival tools) and the creator of,,, and dozens of other websites.

Dec 30, 2015

It's not every day that you get something of real value for nearly free.

Ranger Gear ( is giving away its folding credit card knives for ONE PENNY.

Here's the link to get 'em from the Natural News Store.


Dec 4, 2015

A serious question: How many college students will die from sheer stupidity in the coming collapse?

Nov 28, 2015

Permaculture and the key to sustainability

Nov 28, 2015

How to survive a mass shooting

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