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Jun 24, 2016

The Health Ranger congratulates UK citizens for their massive BREXIT victory! A global REVOLT against bad government and tyranny has now been unleashed...

It's time that the citizens of the world threw off the shackles of parasitic bankers, criminal politicians and corrupt, lying state-run media.

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Jun 22, 2016

The Health Ranger reveals how Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton and win the 2016 presidential election.

This list of three game-changing topics could bring Trump an extra 5 - 10% of progressives while keeping the votes of nearly all conservatives.

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May 5, 2016

The establishment elite running Washington will stop at nothing to deny Trump the White House.

This means they could unleash massive riots and social chaos. They could even unleash a large-scal false flag terrorism event that kills hundreds of thousands of Americans and suspends the elections.

ANYTHING is possible at this point, because if an honest election is allowed to take place, Donald Trump wins in a landslide against the criminal Clinton.

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May 5, 2016

We've just launched!

Donald Trump is our last opportunity to save this nation from collapsing into a bankrupt police state run by the criminal elite.

We're covering the Trump Presidential campaign at to bring you the TRUTH that the mainstream media won't ever report.

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May 2, 2016

* Your vote doesn't count. It's all rigged as a form ofelaborate "theater of the mind."

* There is a huge change of massive violence being unleashed inthe near future by violent leftists.

* Universal truth: People want a voice in how their society isshaped.

* If the system gives people no power at the ballot box, peoplewill ultimately resort to physical means of revolution.

* This is why the system is so desperate to destroy DonaldTrump. He threatens to obliterate the political monopolists.

* The government wanted to disarm the People precisely toprevent an armed uprising against the corrupt class of politicalcriminals who are immune to prosecution.

* The People are fed up... tired of being lied to... tired ofbeing persecuted by government and silenced by having their votingpower stripped away.

* The People in America are nearly at the point of revolt.

* The Second Amendment was created as a last-ditch defenseagainst tyranny.

* We are now living in a tyrannical regime run amok. Thegovernment actively works against the People at everyopportunity.

* I'm not condoning an armed revolution, I'm just PREDICTINGthis is where we are headed if things don't change.

* It doesn't take many people to change the course of history.Even a small percentage of the population can, as history shows,lead a revolution.

* Endless money printing is unsustainable. Currency collapse isinevitable.

* Convergence of: Economic collapse, political destruction,disenfranchised voters, mass unemployment, the collapse of pensionfunds, replacing workers with robot automation...

* Historically, popular revolt is much like an "immune system"to rid society of the CANCERS of corrupt political elitists.

* Washington bureaucrats are parasites on society, and they are"destroying the host" in a disease-like process.

* The U.S. federal government has now imprisoned journalists tokeep them silent.

* Across the nation, many people are very close to the tippingpoint of revolt.

* If a revolt happens, most U.S. military leaders will notparticipate in firing upon U.S. citizens.

* I don't see a scenario that unfolds without violence andbloodshed in the next 12 months.

* Watch for shocking disclosures to be released before theelection in November.

* Over the new few months, watch unfolding events verycarefully.

* The media is almost 100% state-run media, printing falsestories to control your mind and halt any uprising.

* History has no mercy on those who experience it firsthand.

* My goal is for all of us to emerge from this chapter safely sothat we can help rebuild a more free and just society after thecollapse of this one.

* We need a new system of government that answers to the People,not the corporations.

* Whatever happens, your responsibility is to help contribute toa more free society.

* We need STRONGER government regulations of corporations, butLESS government control over individuals.

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Apr 8, 2016

Think you live in a democracy? Think again: It's all just the ILLUSION of a representative democracy. In reality, your vote doesn't count at all. The nominees of both major political parties are chosen by the establishment, not by the voters!

In fact, everything is theater: paying your taxes (the government doesn't need your money), the health care system (mostly based on science fraud), global warming, TSA security, etc.

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Apr 1, 2016

How can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a general election? It's easy! He only needs to announce these three powerful ideas, and victory is his!

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Mar 29, 2016

Emory University students has collapsed into fear and panic after witnessing the absolute trauma of seeing "Trump" written in chalk on the sidewalk.

This single word has invaded their mental "safe space" and caused extreme psychological trauma, turning students into brainless zombies (otherwise known as democrats).

Fortunately, this now qualifies them to TEACH college!

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Mar 16, 2016

The election now most likely comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Ted Cruz just got slaughtered at the polls, just 24 hours after announcing he's all-in for Monsanto and the biotech industry.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders continues to get trounced by the criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton, who was the DNC nominee from the start (it was already locked in).

The GOP establishment, meanwhile, is betraying its own promises and now threatens to try to hijack the Republican convention, nullify its own voters and place a GOP favorite into the nominee position. This demonstrates the total fraud of the entire GOP nomination process in the first place and likely will accelerate the total suicide of the GOP party (which now has near-zero credibility with voters).

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Mar 10, 2016

All the establishment's attacks on Donald Trump's business achievements are nothing short of hilarious, as these are the same establishment LOSERS who have driven America into $19 trillion of debt!

They know NOTHING about business. All they run is a massive, over-sized government regime that confiscates money from people via coercion and IRS threats. Then they hand out that money to buy votes.

Donald Trump has created REAL businesses, real jobs, real economic opportunities and real innovation.

F*ck the establishment. Vote for Donald Trump.


Mar 7, 2016

If Donald Trump wins the presidency, the true violence of the radical left will be on full display as leftists start bombing (or threatening) government buildings.

The radical left founded the KKK as a militant wing of the democratic party. The KKK was run by democrats, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act was opposed by democrats. Throughout history, leftists have waged violent campaigns against their political opponents, and they secretly would like to round up all conservatives and executive them, Nazi style.

Speaking of Nazis, the word "Nazi" means "national socialist," and it is socialists and radical leftists who most closely follow the "destroy all political enemies" philosophy of Adolf Hitler.

If Donald Trump wins the presidency, expect to see a police state martial law situation declared in America as the government tracks down violent leftists who wage a campaign of extreme violence and terror against the Trump administration.

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Mar 4, 2016

If you're a Bernie Sanders supporter, this podcast explains why you should vote for Donald Trump.

It's also pretty hilarious that you thought the democrat party would leave the choice of its nominee up to the voters. Hilarious!

Suddenly, Bernie supporters are growing up and waking up and realizing IT'S ALL RIGGED.

And who is rigging it? The establishment insiders like Hillary Clinton.

That's why the only rational vote for real change is a vote for Donald Trump.

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Feb 26, 2016

Why do so many people love Donald Trump and hate Hillary Clinton? In this podcast, I explain why people are so totally fed up with the establishment of both parties (Repugnantans and Democraps) and are demanding someone different... even if he does have a huge ego.

I also introduce the ABC's of voting in 2016, which means "Anybody But Clinton."

Personally, if a three-legged, flea-ridden blind cat were running opposite Hillary Clinton, I would vote for the cat.

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Feb 16, 2016

Hey, Bernie Sanders supporters: Have you woken up yet to the reality that the entire democrat party leadership is a cabal of criminals who have rigged the election for Hillary?

Yep, your party is run by a bunch of criminals, and they don't give a crap what the people want. They've already decided Hillary will be the next nominee, no matter what the popular vote says...

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Jan 14, 2016

The Health Ranger explains why you can't trust establishment political parties or the lying mainstream media.

Jan 8, 2016

Think Bernie Sanders is a harmless old man? Think again!

His politics are aligned with the greatest crimes ever carried out against humanity by socialist and communist regimes.

When power is centralized into the hands of the bureaucrats (socialism) and both businesses and governments seek to centrally control the economy (communism), it always ends in mass murder, executions or genocide.

The mass murder of people at the hands of Big Government is called "democide," and Bernie Sanders promotes precisely the kind of insane leftist policies that have historically led to democide.

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Jan 8, 2016

Think Bernie Sanders is a harmless old man? Think again!

His politics are aligned with the greatest crimes ever carried out against humanity by socialist and communist regimes.

When power is centralized into the hands of the bureaucrats (socialism) and both businesses and governments seek to centrally control the economy (communism), it always ends in mass murder, executions or genocide.

The mass murder of people at the hands of Big Government is called "democide," and Bernie Sanders promotes precisely the kind of insane leftist policies that have historically led to democide.

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Jan 8, 2016

Despite what some ignorant supporters have been led to believe, Bernie Sanders will NOT be the democratic nominee for President.

The entire system is rigged for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt, criminal operative America's putrid political system has ever produced.

Sanders is only being "allowed" to operate for a while to create the false impression that Hillary had to earn the nomination. In reality, it's already been decided in advance.

Stop being a sucker. The nomination is rigged just like Wall Street is rigged.

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Jan 7, 2016

When the BLM sets "controlled burn" brush fires all across America, nobody who works for BLM gets prosecuted with arson. But when private citizens do the same thing, they're prosecuted as "terrorists" and sent to prison for five years.

When the EPA dumps millions of gallons of toxic sludge into a river, nobody gets prosecuted or goes to jail. But when a private citizen or business contaminates a river, they get imprisoned for "environmental crimes."

When Hillary Clinton releases state secrets via unprotected emails, she gets a free pass on prosecutions. But when some private citizen gets caught violating national security laws, they get sent to prison.

When the U.S. Treasury counterfeits money -- "quantitative easing" -- to hand out free dollars to all their bankster friends, nobody goes to jail. But if you or I started printing hundred dollar bills on our own, we'd be imprisoned for a long, long time.

I could go on, but you get the point: Employees of the federal government seem to have absolute legal immunity for the exact same crimes that get private citizens charged with felony crimes, aggressive prosecuted and sent to prison.

If this were a truly free and just society, ALL PEOPLE would be subject to the same laws, no matter their employer. But because we live under a police state tyranny, those individuals who work for the largest mafia of all -- the federal government mafia -- are granted selective immunity for their crimes.

Jan 7, 2016

Have you noticed how vicious, malicious and intolerant American society has become lately?

That's because people with opposite political views no longer have any common ground. Their views are polar opposites, with no room for agreement on the big issues.

Heck, the insane people on the left can't even admit that organ harvesting is taking place at Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, the insane people on the right can't even admit that eating glyphosate and GMOs is bad for your health...

Everybody's insane.

Except you and me, of course. :-)

Jan 6, 2016

Yes, President Obama is deliberately trying to get Donald Trump elected president.


For three key reasons:

1) He wants Republicans to take the full blame for the global market collapse that Obama hopes he can delay until Trump takes office.

2) He hates Hillary Clinton and knows that Trump will push for a criminal investigation in Hillary's treasonous acts.

3) Pushing all the aggressive, dictatorial executive orders that are creating a pro-Trump backlash also helps Obama appease his insane voter base on the extreme left. They both share the desire to destroy America's culture, history and economy. This encourages Obama to go "all out" for his last year in office, issuing the most insane executive orders he can possibly come up with.

In addition, Obama doesn't want Hillary Clinton to take credit for all the destruction of America that Obama has already achieved. It's much better, in his mind, for Trump to take the White House and then unleash the global crash and economic collapse on his shoulders.

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Jan 5, 2016

If you want to end human suffering, the leftist liberal approach of giving everybody more and more handouts is a TRAP. The real solution to ending human suffering is an expansion of LIBERTY.

Big Government suffocates human freedom, destroys economic opportunities, crushes small businesses and turns citizens into entitlement "beggars" who are dependent on bigger government. Trapping people on food stamps and welfare is not "compassionate," it's CRUEL.

The real solution, says Mike Adams, is to fight for individual liberty and an end to insane big government policies that crush human freedom.

Adams is the publisher of numerous websites that promote human freedom, including: 

Jan 5, 2016

Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger", explains why the brain-dead zombies on the political left won't survive the next collapse.

They have no idea of the real world and exist only in subsidized, self-reinforcing artificial realms that are highly subject to systemic collapse when things go wrong in society.

When the food stamp cards stop working because the federal government defaults on its debt (and currency), America's liberal cities will be filled with nearly 50 million starving, crazed "zombies" who have no clue how to survive without government handouts.

Learn what's likely to unfold and how to survive it all in this powerful, uncensored segment by Mike Adams, founder of (survival and preparedness gear).

Adams is also the creator of , , and 

Jan 5, 2016
Here's what the mainstream media won't tell you about the Hammond Ranch / Oregon armed protesters situation:

The protesters are 100% peaceful and have vowed to remain defensive and not fire on anyone unless they are fired upon first.

They're protesting the BLM's federal land grab. The BLM charged Hammon family members with arson crimes under an anti-terrorism law in order to send them to prison for five years.

By taking away their ability to run their ranch, the feds are thereby forcing them to sell the ranch. Guess who gets the first right of refusal to buy it? The BLM, of course!

Never mind the fact that the Hammond ranch is sitting on huge deposits of uranium and other valuable minerals... and the BLM routinely leases out lands to mining companies, generating BLM income that pays huge bonuses to BLM managers!


Jan 1, 2016

Here are ten things I love about America.

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