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Sep 13, 2023

0:00 Table of contents
3:30 Owen Shroyer
8:15 FRAUD
23:21 California
51:25 SEA BREEZE Black Sea Naval exercise
1:11:12 Interview with Leslie Manookian and Kendall Nelson

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- SPEECH CRIMES: Owen Shroyer faces 60 days of JAIL time for speaking out against the rigged 2020 election
- #LGBT MADNESS: California passes law to medically kidnap children from parents who don't support genital mutilations
- Why being born a child of a Democrat is a CURSE
- Even the THIRD REICH didn't mutilate and torture children like what virtue-signaling Democrats are doing
- Dr. Robert Malone warns that the #FDA has gone ROGUE and is now lawless
- FDA approves more "emergency use" #vaccine jabs even when there's no public health emergency
- Dr. Paul Offit says most people DON'T need the new #covid boosters, pushing back against FDA / pharma collusion
- Maryland elementary school declares MASK MANDATES for children yet again... it's TORTURE to mask healthy children
- Special report: "Sea Breeze" Black Sea Naval exercise could be ground zero for a false flag event to ignite World War III
- INTERVIEW: Courageous voices Leslie Manookian and Kendall Nelson speak out about vaccine CRIMES against humanity

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