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May 24, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:15 ATF
4:13 John Kerry Targets Farmers
6:44 Hospitals at Risk of Closure
8:24 LGBT Agenda
10:32 Other News
17:28 Health Ranger announces adoption of Epic Cash
45:25 Interview with Uncle Vigilante
1:58:52 Interview with Masako Ganah

- The U-Haul truck "attack" at the White House is a lame false flag theatrical event
- PetSmart pushes delusional LGBT agenda for your PETS - mutilate your dogs in the name of "gender affirmation!"
- TARGET retailers partner with SATAN to target your children for genital mutilation advocacy
- If the USA defaults on its debt, Biden will take the blame, says Newt Gingrich
- Bill Gates funding vaccine "microneedle" patches for infants and children
- John Kerry says farms must be prevented from producing FOOD in order to solve the "climate crisis"
- 646 hospitals across the USA at risk of closure - because they KILLED their own medical staff with covid jabs
- Health Ranger announces adoption of Epic Cash as payment and tipping system
- Fiat currency banks have turned into financial PRISON CAMPS for your money
- Full interview with Uncle Vigilante on Epic Cash: Private, non-confiscatable money
- Epic Cash is fast, private, secure, low cost and non-confiscatable
- The problems with Bitcoin: It isn't private, coins can be tainted, very high transaction costs
- Advantages of Bitcoin: Universal crypto, easy on ramps and off ramps
- Full interview with Masako Ganaha on how globalists are targeting Japan for depopulation and collapse

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