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May 18, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:15 Authoritarian Tyranny
4:01 Fake Pulitzer
5:26 Sex Trafficking
7:06 Another False Flag
9:57 Fake Online IDs
11:39 Misgendering
23:40 Interview with John Strand
1:04:22 Medical Mutilators
1:33:34 Interview with Adam Riva

- Why the FEDS are running the terror campaigns in America
- FBI contractor ran fake identities to infiltrate vaccine skeptics groups
- Fake news giant WashPost won't return Pulitzer awarded on fabricated news about Trump / Russia
- Top banks linked to Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking, but they won't allow GUN purchase charges on credit cards
- Transgenders demand you READ THEIR MINDS to determine what pronoun they pretend to be today
- French author and feminist facing CRIMINAL charges for "misgendering"
- Full interview with J6 prosecutorial victim John Strand
- Full interview with "Human Pharming" documentary creator Adam Riva

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