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Jun 2, 2023

0:00 Intro
0:26 Water Filters
7:20 Headlines
35:52 Interview with Mat Staver

- Dr. David Martin reveals that 600 million people have been injured or killed by covid vaccines
- Donald Trump takes CREDIT for giving people the "vaccine" they demanded
- REFUSES to say it was a mistake, or that the vaccine is killing people
- Trump appears to be OWNED BY PFIZER
- Adams announces upcoming lab results for CESIUM removal by water filters
- Can help save your life in aftermath of a nuclear event
- Twitter cancels "What Is A Woman?" streaming deal with Daily Wire / Matt Walsh
- Elon Musk is totally owned by communist China and CENSORS anyone critical of the CCP
- Musk is a faker who only PRETENDS to support free speech
- Interview with the founder of Liberty Counsel, fighting for your right to say NO to the jab

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