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Jun 19, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:20 Other News
2:00 Death on Stage
4:47 Demonic Influence
7:10 NEFARIOUS Trailer
19:50 Rumors
32:52 Eleven Signs
1:15:51 Interview with Mike Winner

- Houston rapper DIES on stage - only 45 years old
- TRANS-ism and demonism merge - they both push SATAN
- Nefarious movie nails it - must-see film for all believers
- Discussion of demonic influence, infestation, possession, subjugation
- Rumors of military assets in motion across the USA
- Identity of wealthy donor revealed
- Ukraine's food production will take 20 years to recover
- Global engineered famine is under way with aim to starve billions
- 11 signs that humanity is doomed
- Mass poisoning of the food, water and skies
- Terraforming under way to alter Earth's atmosphere
- Human reproduction capability now collapsing
- LGBT culture wars seek total destruction of families, mothers and fathers
- More weapons of mass destruction planned for release against humanity

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