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Jul 18, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:44 Debt Default
5:19 Amish People
7:40 Vaccines
9:46 War with Russia
20:21 Engineered Famine

- Over 50 nations are on the verge of bankruptcy as the global debt pyramid collapses
- The era of low interest rates and artificial abundance from money printing is coming to an end
- Republicans in Brevard County (Florida) declare covid #vaccines to be #bioweapons
- #Russia has already destroyed one-third of US-supplied armored fighting vehicles
- US military would be decimated in a ground war with Russia
- Russia terminates Black Sea grain deal, will cause #wheat shortage to worsen
- UN warns 2.4 billion people don't have enough to eat
- 13 nations sign agreement to engineer global #famine by shutting down agriculture
- They claim that producing food is bad for the planet
- Government-enforced #rationing to follow soon
- Learn to grow food or starve

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